Stoop loosing marks’ dew too pour proofreading!

Blog 10-words-you-need-to-stop-misspelling_50291597c6e33Uh oh, it looks like someone relied on a spell checker to proofread the title of this blog!   Are you ready to stop losing marks due to poor proofreading?  Give the below proofreading pointers, adapted from Business Management Daily , a whirl  before handing in your next assignment:

  • First things first. Spell checkers are NOT the same as proofreading! DO NOT confuse it with Jeopardy’s Watson!
  • Take a break from your work before you begin proofreading. A fresh pair of eyes are better at spotting errors. Consider asking a friend or family member to look over your work.
  • Reading your work as you would normally is NOT proofreading!  S-L-O-W down and carefully read each word.
  • Read your work aloud. This makes it easier to catch missing words, grammar errors and improper use of punctuation.
  • Did you know the College has a Writing Centre? Utilize their services.

Still not convinced?  Watch poet Taylor Mila perform his hilarious poem, “The the impotence of proofreading!” Guaranteed to have you laughing out load and remind you just how important it is to carefully proofread your work! Do you have a great proofreading tip? How about sharing it with us!

Ten words you need to stop misspelling. [Infographic], retrieved from:

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