New level of health and fitness apps on the way

What has an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and GPS; and even when the device is on standby, it can measure movement throughout the day?

Give up?


It’s the new Apple iPhone 5S.

With its fingerprint identity sensor, better and faster camera; the thing that makes this phone extraordinary is its M7 chip. With the M7 co-processor’s ability to gather data from each of the phone’s sensors and tell if the phone’s possessor is walking, running, or travelling in a car, developers of fitness apps are doing the happy dance since they will be able to create new levels of health and fitness apps by harvesting the recorded data.

Anthony Cox, the author of Juniper Research’s report, Mobile Health & Fitness: Monitoring App-enabled Devices & Cost Savings 2013-2018, reports the proliferation of these new types of mobile fitness devices is the catalyst needed for critical mHealth devices to be delivered through the smartphone.  In fact, Juniper Research (2013) “forecasts that by 2018 there will be 96 million users of app-enabled mHealth and mobile-fitness hardware devices, up from 15 million this year”.

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