New mags in the bizHUB!

untitledA new crop of the latest issues of some of your favourite business magazines has arrived in the bizHUB. Why not grab a coffee and a comfy chair and check them out?

MoneySense:  learn why it’s beneficial for students to file taxes

Strategy: with an image of a brain scan on the cover, this issue looks at “your brain on advertising” (neuromarketing) and other tech trends in marketing

Harvard Business Review:  Remember kanban?  Toyota has replaced it with “keiretsu”. Discover the difference!

Fast Company – With Jeff Bezos on the cover, the lead article looks at  what’s in Amazon’s future and the founder’s plandepicts to make it the most loved company in the world.

Last but not least… take a gander at the inaugural issue of depict, a new Canadian magazine subtitled “life/culture/business/politics…visually”.  From Canadian mayors behaving badly to craft beer… it consists entirely of infographics and visual storytelling!

Let us know which mags you like… we take requests!

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