Behind the Scenes of Murdoch Mystery

A small crowd of curious people lined the streets near the Mohawk-Laurier Campus, downtown Brantford, on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, to watch Murdoch Mystery film an upcoming episode of the popular television series.


Now in the seventh season of filming, for those not familiar with the TV series, Murdoch Mystery stars Yannick Bissons, who plays a keen-minded detective who uses revolutionary forensic techniques to solve mystifying crimes. The episode being filmed, called The Murdoch Sting,  will air in the new year.


If you are interested in watching a few episodes, season three can be borrowed from the Cummings Library.

If you want to know about solving crimes, information about criminal investigation can be found in the catalogue, and in the Protection, Security & Investigation subject guide.

One Response to Behind the Scenes of Murdoch Mystery

  1. This is brilliant! I absolutely love Murdoch Mystery! Thank you.

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