Happy 200th Giuseppe Verdi!

verdi poster

October 10th marks the 200th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth! How will you be celebrating? Jetting off to Milan to catch a performance of Verdi’s Don Carlo at LaScala?  Become a Verdi aficionado and borrow the Library’s collection of Verdi’s operas … Rigoletto, La Traviata,  even Don Carlo, to name a few! What’s that you say, Verdi who?  Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian composer. You could say, he was the Justin Timberlake of his day. Talk about famous, in 2011, Verdi’s Requiem performed by the Chicago Symphony orchestra won the Grammy for best Classical Album, not bad for a guy who’s been “six feet under”  for well over a century! Don’t be caught Thursday asking, Verdi who? Learn everything there is to know about Giuseppe Verdi’s fascinating life of tragedy, fame, fortune and more from the Library’s Films On Demand collection of Verdi videos, starting with this one!

Psst … Mohawk Music students you could be the next Verdi, just use your subject guide!

Image: Tribute to Giuseppe Verdi created by Gorowski Mieczyslaw retireived from http://www.poster.pl/poster/gorowski_mieczyslaw_hommage_verdi

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