Welcome to our newest Canadians

Prime Minister Mackenzie King’s Canadian citizenship certificate, 1947.
This image is a reproduction is a copy of the version available at http://data2.collectionscanada.gc.ca/ap/c/c096789.jpg.

Today, during common hour, in the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre, a citizenship ceremony will take place. For the group of people who have been invited to this ceremony, it is the culmination of their quest to obtain something about which natural born Canadian never needs to think.

At the ceremony, the invitees will take the Oath of Citizenship and get a citizenship certificate.

However, long before they were invited to this ceremony, the attendees had to file documents and pay fees, document they meet residency requirements, prove they were not prohibited from applying, meet the language requirements, and take a test to provide they have knowledge of Canada.  If everything went without incident, most people waited 25 long months while their application was processed.

While people applying for Canadian citizenship are provided access to Discover Canada: The rights and responsibilities of citizenship (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2012),  some additional titles, like the following ones located in our collection, are recommended.  These include:

To the people who became citizens today, Welcome! For it is generations of newcomers, like you, who have helped to build Canada into the free, law-abiding and prosperous society we enjoy today. You add to the “diversity and richness of our country, which is built on a proud history and a strong identity (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2012, p. 3).

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