Senate Scandal: Are you a news junkie?


The news is full of talk about our Senate and the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office.  The Senate expense scandal is really blowing up.  Senator Duffy has come out swinging, full of accusations concerning the Prime Minister.  What do you think? Do you want to know more about all Sentors’ expenses beyond the accounts of Senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau?  Who is telling the truth?  Do you believe Prime Minister Harper or Senator Duffy?  Neither?  Both?

How do you keep up?  Traditional news sources like newspapers, radio and television?  Do you have a favourite Internet news source or sources?  Are they from traditional media like the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star?  Are the comedians like Rick Mercer and John Sterwart more your speed?  Less traditional sources like A combination of all these?

Don’t forget to add the library to your list.  You can read coverage of this news story from newspapers right across Canada (including the Globe and the Star) in one simple search of Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies, the library’s (and your) biggest newspaper database.  Check out this article in the Globe and Mail and search for more while you’re there.

(Photo Credit:  The Hill Times Online)

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