This bird does Bach!

The musician bird is different from other birds in that it “prefers to sing perfect consonances (octaves, perfect fifths, and perfect fourths) over imperfect consonances.” Yes, that means what you think it means, the bird’s song is truly musical from the perspective of Western music.
Listen to it’s musical song in the video below and read more about this little marvel of the animal kingdom on Science to Go.

There is something very soothing about listening to birds and other nature sounds.  As we head in to this traditionally busy time (end of semester, exams, dare we say it? Christmas.) it is good to find ways to soothe our souls.  What calms you?  Read more about the soothing sounds of nature in this article from the library collection:  Finn, C. (2012). Wild tracks.   Biologist, 59(3), 30-32.

Cuteness Bonus:  Freddy the cat listens to the musician wren.

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