Find your passion and follow it!

tellmeaboutyourselfThere was a great post on the Workopolis blog recently called “How to land a job with just one email“.  It told the story of a university student who landed his dream job at technology startup Foursquare by sending an email to the founders.   His passion for the company comes across loud and clear in the email.  He had done his research, knew lots about them and was able to convince the founders that he would be a valuable addition to the team.

We all need motivation to accomplish our goals.  Dreaming about a job with a particular company might just be the motivator you need to push you through assignment and exam time!   Maybe your ideal job is at a company around the corner, or the firm your Mom works for or ????  Having trouble identifying that dream employer?  Check out our slew of lists of best employers  in a variety of categories:  most socially responsible, most “green”, most employee friendly, most “caring” and, of course, the standard…most revenues and fastest growing.  bestemployers

Find your passion, build your story and put it out there!   Be sure to connect with the Library if you need help.  We have lots of ideas!

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