The OSCE’s are coming, the OSCE’s are coming … will you be ready?


Does even just the thought of taking the OSCE’s  give you “butterflies” in your tummy, have you biting your nails down to the quick, or breaking into a cold sweat? If so, the good news is, you’re perfectly normal and being a little nervous may even be a good thing! Now that you’ve caught your breath, let’s see what we can do to alleviate those “pre-OSCE”  symptoms, so you’ll not only be ready, you’ll be at your best!

According to an article in Nursing Standard, Preparing to take objective structured clinical examinations , the not so “secret” to passing the OSCE boils down to …  preparation and practice. While not exactly an “aha” moment, how you prepare to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, and yourself psychologically, are the key to OSCE success. This is where your library can really help you!

OSCE practice Clinical Practice Collaboratory!    Practice, practice and practice some more!  Just ask Jessica Rauser and Olivia Howden seen practicing vital signs in the Clinical Practice Collaboratory (CPC.) Haven’t been to the CPC? It’s located inside the IAHS Library. You can drop-in any time! That’s right, there is no need to book a time, it’s open the same hours as the library (including evenings and weekends).  Come as often as you like and stay as long as you can, there is no time limit (although we will give you “the nudge” come closing time!)

subject guide clinical nursing skills Subject Guides! Be sure to checkout our Clinical nursing skills subject guide.  It’s packed head-to toe with best bet resources, including online books and videos. Hint – you can access many of these resources on the CPC bedside iPads.  If you need help with how to cope with feelings of stress, anxiety and time management… our Self-help subject guide has lots of great resources.

nursing interventionsLippincott's Nursing ProceduresNew titles and coming soon! A couple new titles from Potter & Perry, and Lippincott are perfect for studying for the OSCE’s.   They are available on our shelves (click on the book covers). We also have the book Succeed in OSCE’s and practical exams: an essential guide for nurses on order.

Good luck!  We know you don’t need it – just a little practice!

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