It’s not too early to start preparing for exams

Study skillsIt’s never too early to prepare for final exams.  If you’re looking for a study buddy, the Mohawk College Library is available!

The Study skills for academic success subject guide includes resources that can help with study skills, time management, dealing with stress, and services that are available to students.  For students interested in developing their reading and study skills, the library recommends the book College reading and study skills.  The book Study smarter, not harder can help you develop new methods to improve memory and concentration.  If you prefer to work and study from your mobile device, check out the Mobile apps subject guide.  It includes recommendations for productivity, and program specific apps too!

For those night owls out there, the Collaboratory has extended its hours.  Students may use the space to study until midnight.  As always the Cummings Library is a Quiet Study space and there is also the Silent Study room for students who want a noise-free environment.  For a detailed schedule of hours at each location, click here.

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