Get up offa that thing

84 year old runs New York marathon

While we know exercising is important for good health, did you know a new study found there is a direct relationship between sedentary behaviour and mortality for elderly women? You can find a link to HealthWorks Collective blog,  where the study was featured, on the Trends & Issue page of the Health, Wellness & Fitness subject guide. While you’re never too old to exercise,  just ask Florence Greco, 98, who has  a weekly fitness routine; even when we know we should exercise, sometimes finding the motivation to start exercising is elusive.

So, if you’re in the Health, Wellness, & Fitness program and aspire to become a personal trainer in the future, why not check out the fitness and motivation books, found in the Library’s catalogue, to find out what it takes to motivate the inactive to become the next Florence Greco.

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