Congratulations ePortfolio winners

Congratulations to the winners of the ePortfolios – Express, Progress, Impress & Win Contest! There were over 100 entries. It was a difficult decision to choose the winners in each division. The lucky winners can pick up their prizes as stated in the email they received. Didn’t win? Set up a polish your ePortfolio session with Peggy French, Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

Overall Winners

First Place Overall: Marin Hudson, Human Services, Justice & Wellness, Year 1 Category
Second Place Overall: Emma Judd, Engineering Technology, Year 2+ Category
Third Place Overall: Michelle Gordon, Health Sciences Year 1 Category

Business – Year 1

First place: Ajaypal Sahota
Second Place: no winner

Business – Year 2+

First place: Shannon Pickering
Second place (tie): Angela Hu
Second place (tie): Reny Malley
Honourable Mentions: Magda Lopez, Rachel Boehm, Jenna Chadwick, and Nzungani-Souza Miley

Media – Year 1

No winners

Media – Year 2+

First place: Kalleigh Snow
Second place: no winner

 Human Services and Justice & Wellness – Year 1

First place: Marin Hudson
Second place: Josefine Leventhal-Noble

Human Services and Justice & Wellness – Year 2+

First place: Suzanne Harvey
Second place: Stephanie Draper
Honourable Mention: Nuta Raluca

Health Sciences – Year 1

First place: Michelle Gordon
Second place (tie): Emilie Kar-Yan Lau
Second place (tie): Laura Hladki
Second place (tie): Katelyn Smith
Honourable Mention: Brenda Forde-Bellam

Health Sciences – Year 2+

First place: Davinder Dhawan
Second place: no winner

 Humanities and Social Sciences and Academic Upgrading – Year 1

First place: Katia Perez-Mendez
Second place: Ian Calvert

Humanities and Social Sciences – Year 2

No winners

Skilled Trades – Year 1

First place: Umang Detroja
Second place: Joshua Methner

Skilled Trades – Year 2+

First place: Colin Haymna
Second place: Michael Austin

Engineering Technology – Year 1

First place: Jaclyn Alexander
Second place: no winner

Engineering Technology – Year 2+

First place: Emma Judd
Second place: Olivia Mcghee-Davies
Honourable Mention: Jonathan Medina

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