Start your summer semester off right!

If you missed the Start Smart sessions last week, there is no need to worry – the Mohawk College Library is here to help!

Your campus library is a unique place that provides access to resources, study areas, computers, and group spaces for collaboration.  Library staff can help you find books and articles to  successfully complete assignments, and will introduce you to your subject guide.  Subject guides are program specific for each program offered at Mohawk College.  In addition to all the resources that can help you complete course work, you can discover the latest industry news on the Trends & Issues page located on each guide.

If you have some time between your busy class schedule, why not browse our print collection of books, magazines, and journals.  Access to library databases, e-books, and the eJournal portal are available 24/7, so resources are always where and when you need them.  For more information, check out our Student Success subject guides; they offer information to improve presentation and writing skills, computer basics, math help, self-help resources, and the ever important APA help.

For more information about library services, visit your campus library or contact us directly.  We are here to help!

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