Ontario Election Campaign 2014

Provincial Party Leaders:  Liberal Leader: Kathleen Wynne, PC Leader:   Tim Hudak and NDP Leader: Andrea HorwathDo you know who these people are?  Stupid question?  Maybe not.  CBC interviewed about a dozen people in downtown Toronto last week and only one of them recognized the names of the 3 party leaders currently vying to lead the next Ontario provincial government, listen to the podcast from Metro Morning here.

The Ontario provincial election is set for June 12, 2014.  Want to figure out where you stand on the political spectrum before you dig into the issues?  Liberal? NDP? Conservative?  Try CBC’s Electoral Compass.

Want to get up to speed?  Here’s some library help!

Left to right in the photo are:  Kathleen Wynne (Liberal Leader), Tim Hudak (Conservative Leader) and Andrea Horwath (NDP Leader).

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