Stoney Creek Campus revitalization project – 89 days and counting

If you are a student at Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek Campus you are already aware of the exiting new changes coming soon to your campus. Unfortunately, you are also attending school amongst the noise, dust and some really interesting smells as they deconstruct the middle portion of the campus.

It will all be worth it! In 89 short days (barring any unforeseen set backs) students at Stoney Creek will enjoy new Tim Horton’s and bookstore location, a new fitness centre, and a new library, tech bar, and collaboratory space for study.

During construction the cafeteria is closed. You will find student engagement in room C119. The library’s exciting, construction chic location in room C113. The library currently has 4 computers, the printer, copier and card machine. We also have a few table to study. Our temporary location is away from most of the dust and noise of the construction. Come on by and say hi. As always the library is  online 24/7.

Here are some pictures of the old and temporary library. We will be posting construction progress photos throughout the summer.


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