Provincial Election is Soon


A couple of weeks ago we did a short post about the 3 main politicial parties and gave you some links to information about the election in the news and in the library databases. You can still learn from those links so check them out.  The election is June 12th, there’s still plenty of time to learn about what’s going on and make up your mind. 

Elections Ontario’s website is a wealth of information, including this page which lists every registered political party in Ontario and provides links to their websites.  Who knew there are 20 registered parties in Ontario?!  Check them out to learn about their platforms and see if they’re running a candidate in your riding.  If you’re away from home to attend Mohawk, Elections Ontario’s site can help you figure out where and how to vote here.

Are you voting?  How do you make your choice?  Where do you follow the election news?  Online?  On TV? Friends and family? Let us know.

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