Fashion for sitting

adaptiveclothingGrads from several Mohawk programs work with clients in wheelchairs.   Perhaps from time to time they contemplate the daily challenges ROMlogoof this life but … does fashion ever come up in conversation?  Izzy Camilleri, a Canadian fashion designer looking to break into new markets, saw creating good looking and functional clothing for the “seated frame” as a challenge worth pursuing!  With a line called “Sitting in style” from her company IZ Adaptive,   Camilleri has successfully broken into this market and received so much notice in doing so that her designs are being featured in an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum!

Adaptive clothing is one great example of the many assistive technologies being developed to enhance the lives of those with physical challenges.  Find out more about assistive devices and technologies on the Library’s subject guide page on the topic.

The exhibit extends into 2015 … why not visit next time you’re in TO?


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