Greatist is great!

greatist One of our favourite blogs these days is called Greatist. With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, it features “awesome workouts, easy recipes, and wellness tips”.

Posts are written by a team of experts and certified professionals and even more importantly… from a cred perspective … they try to support all facts with a scientific study! (You know how we library types love that evidence based stuff!)  Great example of the format is a recent article on a topic we can all relate to: hand washing technique in public washrooms!     Cold water vs. hot,  paper vs. air dry, soap vs. hand sanitizer …  the winners are all supported by evidence in the works cited list!   Follow Greatist in all the regular places or subscribe to emails … you’ll be glad you did!

Interested in more info on how to live a healthy lifestyle?   We’ve identified other great blogs; find them on the Library’s subject guide for the Health, Wellness and Fitness program.

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