MOCOmotion: A brief introduction

Welcome first year students!  You are probably excited to start this new phase in your life as a college student.  We are pleased to welcome you to Mohawk College, and are looking forward to seeing you in the Mohawk College Library where we can help you succeed in your chosen field of study.

MOCOmotion is Mohawk College’s portal. MOCOmotion is where you will find your official college email, grades, and timetable. You will also find an area to pay your fees, find your T2202a tax receipt, and update your personal information.


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MOCOmotion "my student account"

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These are just a few of the resources you will find in MOCOmotion; take some time to explore  all the information on your own. If you would like help navigating through MOCOmotion, visit a Mohawk College Library TECH BAR location for a one-on-one introduction.  Check out the Technical Support web page for more information.

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