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IAHS Campus is located on the grounds of McMaster University. IAHS students attend to enter or advance their careers in the field of health care.  At this campus you will find a team of dedicated faculty and staff to help navigate your college experience. After a lengthy summer renovation,  IAHS offers new spaces and upgrades to the campus which were recently highlighted in the MoCast video blog.

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The library at IAHS is the place to find wonderful, enthusiastic staff to assist with research, technical support, and providing a positive atmosphere for studying. On occasion you might even find a treat at the customer service desk – lemonade on a hot summer day or some candy during exam week.

New this year we are pleased to offer a silent study room and the Library TECH BAR. The silent study room is for individual, silent study only. Please refrain from having your music too loud, talking or using your cell phone.  The Library TECH BAR is the place to go if you have technical questions. Need help printing, want to download Microsoft Office, have an issue with MOCOmotion or eLearn? Come in and talk to Samantha.

IAHS tech bar

Visit Samantha at the Library TECH BAR


The library also provides, books, videos, and journals to borrow; some can be taken home, some are used in library and others are available online. Unique items available to borrow  are blood pressure cuffs and anatomical models; these are useful for study or presentation purposes. Check out the anatomical model subject guide for descriptions and photos of this unique resource.

The library is located across from the Tim Horton’s on the first floor of the IAHS building. Drop by to say hi, ask a question or just to study.

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