Library stuff you wished you’d known about in 1st year!


Here is a  short list of things we thought you ought to know about your library…

Enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a library PC.  All campus libraries have laptops available for loan.  Head to your nearest Library TECH BAR for information on how you can borrow a laptop.

You can return your library books  at any of our locations.  Items may be returned to the dropbox at either the Cummings or IAHS locations; you can find the return slots just outside the library entrance.  You can also renew borrowed items online, providing that they are not short term loans, or that another library user isn’t waiting for it.

Are you into social media?  So is your library!  Follow us on Twitter, like us Facebook,  and be sure to check us out on Instagram.

Bet you didn’t know you can use your library account to create a list of your very own personal library faves … books, videos, etc.   It sure can come in handy if you forget which books you used for that important paper.

Our print magazines and journals are also available for loan. Take the latest issue of your favorite journal or magazine home with you.

We have great spaces for group study! They come equipped with all the tools your group  will need to brainstorm your best ideas. Best of all, you can book your time and choose your  space online. Book a group space up to two weeks in advance.

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