Statistically significant subject guides

December 17, 2014

topsubjectguidesThe Library’s subject guides are a hit!  Actually they were a hit over 275,000 times in 2014!  Congrats to faculty and students in the RPN to BScN program for having the top used program guide (almost 16000 hits).   Students in two of our Continuing Education programs made good use of their subject guides too: over 10,000 hits each for the Library and Information Technician program guide and the Mental Health Nursing Certificate guide.

Haven’t discovered your program’s guide yet?  Make this your first priority in January!  You’ll find lists of customized, best bet, online and print resources selected with care and expertise by your Library staff.  They provide great starting points for just about any assignment and will save you gobs of time!

As you can see, our APA guide really attracts attention!  Technical help is just a click away with our Tech Support guide.  Dreaming about that job at the end of the rainbow?  Check out our Careers and Job Search guide for some great tips and tricks!  Writing skills, time management, stress relief … we’ve got it!

New Year’s resolution:  get to know your subject guide!  We’d like to see a little more competition for those top spots!

Helping students succeed one guide at a time

December 1, 2014

Need some math, writing or technical help? The Mohawk College Library can still help! We have self-help Student Success Subject Guides to get you through during a late night study session.

Our Math Help Subject Guide covers topics from all disciplines. If you are a business, nursing or technical and skilled trades student, there is a page for you. Each pages offers a variety of e-books, videos, and tutorials to help you solve that tough math question. Many of the video resources are free to use online.

Need some tips on how to format your essay? Need to cite your sources using APA or IEEE citation styles? Try the Writing Skills Subject Guide. This guide provides information on grammar and spelling, report writing tips many of the resources are online.  Also included is a section on plagiarism and how to avoid it and a page on how to use the plagiarism tool Turnitin. Turnitin is a tool many faculty use to detect plagiarism in students’ essays. As a student you can use this tool to check your paper for plagiarism before you turn in your assignment.

The Tech Support Subject Guide will provide guidance on using eLearn, ePortfolios, MOCOmotion,  just to name a few. As a Mohawk College student you can download a copy of Office 365 and AutoCAD. Instructions can be found on this guide. Printing locations, wireless printing and printing at the IAHS campus are also highlighted. Instructions for logging into OntarioLearn are included for our distance education students.

These guides are just the tip of the iceberg;  a Subject Guide has been created for most Mohawk College programs. Each guide is filled with links to books, magazines, online videos and websites all carefully chosen for your assignment needs. Check them out for yourself or come into any campus library location for a one-on-one tour of your Subject Guide. We are always happy to help in person, by phone or by text/chat.

College – the second week

September 8, 2014

Cummings Library & Collaboratory

Congratulations! You survived your first week of college. Hopefully you attended some of the campus events, met some new people, and had some fun.

The second week is when the work begins, and the library is here to help.  We have a variety of resources to help you succeed; your subject guide is a great place to start!  If you are having trouble locating library resources, ask a library staff member at the customer service desk for help.

TECH BAR staff are available to help you navigating MOCOmotion and eLearn, and can also assist you in downloading Microsoft Office or AutoCAD to your laptop.  Simply visit a TECH BAR – there is one at each library location!  You can also borrow a laptop up to 2 hours each day, for use in the library, at each of the TECH BAR locations.

Need a place to study?  We have those too. The library has quiet study and silent study space; larger groups are encouraged to book a group space online using the library booking system.  Library staff can be found roving in any of these areas to offer assistance when needed.  Studying at home and have a quick question? We can be reached by phone, chat or email.

Mohawk College Library is here to help, so drop by and say hello.


Start your summer semester off right!

May 6, 2014

If you missed the Start Smart sessions last week, there is no need to worry – the Mohawk College Library is here to help!

Your campus library is a unique place that provides access to resources, study areas, computers, and group spaces for collaboration.  Library staff can help you find books and articles to  successfully complete assignments, and will introduce you to your subject guide.  Subject guides are program specific for each program offered at Mohawk College.  In addition to all the resources that can help you complete course work, you can discover the latest industry news on the Trends & Issues page located on each guide.

If you have some time between your busy class schedule, why not browse our print collection of books, magazines, and journals.  Access to library databases, e-books, and the eJournal portal are available 24/7, so resources are always where and when you need them.  For more information, check out our Student Success subject guides; they offer information to improve presentation and writing skills, computer basics, math help, self-help resources, and the ever important APA help.

For more information about library services, visit your campus library or contact us directly.  We are here to help!

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New ebrary resources for Library Technicians

May 1, 2014

Ebrary is just one of the e-book databases that the Mohawk College Library subscribes to.  It contains over 24,000 e-books covering policy, law, and health from a primarily Canadian perspective, plus a small collection covering job search, grammar, business & technology topics.

ebrary  Some recent additions to the collection include some very valuable resources for Library & Information technicians.  This link will connect you to a list of some of the titles available: Globalization, Culture and Social Capital: Library Professionals on the Move, and Subject Librarians: Engaging with the Learning and Teaching Environment.


The Library & Information Technician subject guide is a great way to discover the best resources that the library has to offer.   The subject guide includes books, e-books, journals, and online resources to help you complete your assignments successfully and have a better understanding about information services.  The extensive job boards page connects you to a variety of libraries when you are ready to jump start your career.

Improve your writing with help from the library

November 15, 2013

The fall semester is coming to an end and final assignments may be creeping up on you.  One way to boost your final grade is by improving the quality of your writing.  This daunting task is made easier with resources from the Mohawk College Library

41-VdN50pmL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_Start with this e-book, Better Writing: Beyond Periods and Commas.  This useful guide goes beyond the mechanics of punctuation and grammar to improve your writing skills.

The library has a Writing skills subject guide that includes writing tips and guides, print and online resources, apps, and websites to help you check your work for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Once you’ve completed your research, be sure to cite it right!  The APA help guide includes all types of sources.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – library staff are here to help!

APA Guide

September 17, 2012

As you start your assignments don’t forget the all-important cite your sources! The library has compiled a guide to help you navigate the world of APA citations. Whether you are quoting or paraphrasing, if it is not your own thought, then you need to give credit to the source. Examples, sources, and information on how to cite are all found on the guide. – APA Help