Of flying sleighs and airplanes

December 4, 2014

santaThe Official NORAD Santa Tracker is hard at work counting down the days, hours and minutes ’til his arrival.   This year on Christmas Eve, you’ll also be able to follow Saint Nick’s progress on Google Maps!    understandingflight

Perhaps you’ve wondered about the aerodynamics of a guy in a sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer?  You’re not alone!  Check out the interesting numbers presented in this article and do your own weight and balance calculation or learn more about the science of flight from our  e-book, Understanding flight.

Maybe Santa actually flies in a Westjet plane?  There’s a town in the Dominican Republic that believes that!   Don’t miss Westjet’s 2014 Christmas miracle video.  It’ll put a big smile on your face and a tear in your eye!

Millennial Wright brothers (and sisters) at work

June 10, 2013

humanpoweredhelicopterFlying is not for everyone but, for some, it is a passion beyond all others.  That’s how it is for a team of students from U. of T. who are attempting to win the $250,000 Sikorsky prize by building a human powered helicopter and succeeding at making it hover for one minute, hold 3 meters altitude momentarily, all within the confines of an indoor soccer stadium!   So impossible is this mission that no one has been able to accomplish it since the inception of the prize in 1980!


To understand why, check out our e-book on the principles of flight (helicopters are covered in Chapter 8).

Do you have a passion for flight?  Check out other Library resources for our Aviation Technician program or find out more about Mohawk’s Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Structures programs here.