Find your passion and follow it!

November 12, 2013

tellmeaboutyourselfThere was a great post on the Workopolis blog recently called “How to land a job with just one email“.  It told the story of a university student who landed his dream job at technology startup Foursquare by sending an email to the founders.   His passion for the company comes across loud and clear in the email.  He had done his research, knew lots about them and was able to convince the founders that he would be a valuable addition to the team.

We all need motivation to accomplish our goals.  Dreaming about a job with a particular company might just be the motivator you need to push you through assignment and exam time!   Maybe your ideal job is at a company around the corner, or the firm your Mom works for or ????  Having trouble identifying that dream employer?  Check out our slew of lists of best employers  in a variety of categories:  most socially responsible, most “green”, most employee friendly, most “caring” and, of course, the standard…most revenues and fastest growing.  bestemployers

Find your passion, build your story and put it out there!   Be sure to connect with the Library if you need help.  We have lots of ideas!

New mags in the bizHUB!

September 23, 2013

untitledA new crop of the latest issues of some of your favourite business magazines has arrived in the bizHUB. Why not grab a coffee and a comfy chair and check them out?

MoneySense:  learn why it’s beneficial for students to file taxes

Strategy: with an image of a brain scan on the cover, this issue looks at “your brain on advertising” (neuromarketing) and other tech trends in marketing

Harvard Business Review:  Remember kanban?  Toyota has replaced it with “keiretsu”. Discover the difference!

Fast Company – With Jeff Bezos on the cover, the lead article looks at  what’s in Amazon’s future and the founder’s plandepicts to make it the most loved company in the world.

Last but not least… take a gander at the inaugural issue of depict, a new Canadian magazine subtitled “life/culture/business/politics…visually”.  From Canadian mayors behaving badly to craft beer… it consists entirely of infographics and visual storytelling!

Let us know which mags you like… we take requests!

Has Target scored?

July 30, 2013

bullseyeTarget stores have been in Canada for almost 6 months now.  Many of us know them as cross border shopping destinations.  Did you know that the company has been around for over 100 years after a modest start in downtown Minneapolis?  Learn more about the founder of Target, its history and rivalry with Walmart and K-Mart from this video in the Library’s Films on Demand collection.

There was a great deal of buzz and anticipation prior to Target’s arrival in Canada.  The company was even nominated for the Marketer of the Year award for 2012 before a single store had opened here!   It has received significant coverage in Canada’s premier business publication, Canadian Business magazine and the Globe published an article about its bulldog mascot, Bullseye.  (Maybe it was time to replace Don Cherry’s bulldog, Blue, in the hearts of Canadians!)

Now that the dust has settled, read about what the arrival of Target really means to the retail industry in Canada.   Check out the Spring 2013 issue of Canadian Retail magazine rcc_logoin the Periodicals section at Cummings Library (yes, Virginia, it’s only available in PRINT!)  In a 5 page spread, the “Voice of Retail in Canada” looks at Target’s successes and failures in Canada in the context of our rapidly changing retail landscape.

Let us know… have you shopped at Target yet?

Why do YOU love Lulu?

June 25, 2013

logo-lululemon You’d be hard pressed these days to find anyone who can’t identify this logo.    Little Canadian upstart, Lululemon, has grown from a single store in a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood to a world-wide retailing wonder.  Last year, it  ranked #7 in the annual list of Canada’s most valuable brands.   2013, however, has been a tough year for our favourite lifestyle clothing maker:   first the controversy over its see through yoga pants, then the recent announcement that the CEO was leaving.

Will our incredible loyalty to this brand save it?  Canadian marketing trade mag,  Strategy , documents some of the company’s interesting approaches to encouraging customer loyalty.brandpromise   Find out how other companies have achieved this goal in our e-book, The BrandPromise: how Costco, Ketel One, Make-a-wish, Tourism Vancouver, and other leading brands make and keep the promise that guarantees success! 

Let us know why YOU love Lulu!

Is social farting cutting edge?

June 3, 2013

fartingWho says Canadian commercials are boring?   As part of its multi-million dollar anti-smoking campaign, the Ontario Ministry of Health recently charged ad firm BBDO with creating a commercial to target “social” smokers.  The result was a video that received considerable media coverage and went viral with over 300,000 views since March!  The commercial even won the firm  “creativity pick of the day” from prestigious industry publication, Advertising Age.cuttingedge

Want to find out what constitutes “cutting edge” in the advertising world?   Check out Cutting edge commercials :  How to create the world’s best TV ads for brands in the 21st century from the Cummings Library.

Still laughing???  Let us know!

Is our new Library award-winning? VOTE!

September 21, 2011

Cummings Library & Collaboratory has been nominated for the City of Hamilton’s 2011 People’s Choice Awards for Urban Design and Architecture.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE!  How to vote for Fennell’s Cummings Library:

  • Scroll down the page and select the 6th building, called “Mohawk College Fennell Campus – The Cummings Library and Collaboratory”

* Voting ends October 10th.