Of flying sleighs and airplanes

December 4, 2014

santaThe Official NORAD Santa Tracker is hard at work counting down the days, hours and minutes ’til his arrival.   This year on Christmas Eve, you’ll also be able to follow Saint Nick’s progress on Google Maps!    understandingflight

Perhaps you’ve wondered about the aerodynamics of a guy in a sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer?  You’re not alone!  Check out the interesting numbers presented in this article and do your own weight and balance calculation or learn more about the science of flight from our  e-book, Understanding flight.

Maybe Santa actually flies in a Westjet plane?  There’s a town in the Dominican Republic that believes that!   Don’t miss Westjet’s 2014 Christmas miracle video.  It’ll put a big smile on your face and a tear in your eye!

How far is it from good to great?

November 12, 2014

goodtogreatMohawk’s new president, Ron McKerlie, is asking how we can move the College from good to great.   It’s a catch phrase proposed by management and leadership guru, Jim Collins, in his 2001 book by the same name which tracked and analyzed the traits of 11 companies over a 5 year period in a rigorous research study.

An early review published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review said: “In fact, so contrarian are its findings that some managers may be tempted to dismiss it out of hand. But that would be a mistake; the book does make the leap to greatness.”   Managers listened;  Collins’ book  has sold millions of copies and still makes the top ten on most best business reads lists.

Need to get your hands on this business bible?  You guessed it!  Mohawk College Library – Cummings branch –  has a copy!  It’s seen a fair bit of action in the last few months 🙂 and may not be available just when you’re ready to read, so join the queue.     While you’re waiting your turn, why not check out Jim’s twelve questions or Inc’s quick and dirty version of his approach?   Join in the conversation: let us know what we can do to move Mohawk from good to great!


Ice bucket pros and cons

September 3, 2014

ALSice The ALS Association‘s hugely successful Ice Bucket Challenge has captured the imagination of people all over the world this summer.  In addition to raising over $100M for the association, this viral sensation has introduced many to the awful condition which is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. (Find out more about the condition from one of our fave medical sites, Medline Plus.)

Media coverage has been extensive.  Techcrunch posted some fascinating numbers in an article today.   BBC news provides an interesting overview of pros and cons in an article entitled: How much has the ice bucket challenge achieved?   Here’s a view from the “inside” … one fundraising professional identifies the challenges the ALS Association might face after the challenge!

Marketing coup?   Waste of water?    Challenge to other charities’ fundraising?   Let us know what you think.  Did you participate?

Interested in the marketing side of charities and non-profits?   Check out our subject guide page on fundraising and development.


Z is not just for zombies

July 15, 2014

Now Z stands for “generation Z”, the newest, youngest, most amazing generation yet!    On the cover of this week’s Maclean’s magazinegenz and recently hitting the likes of Bloomberg News this demographic seems to be taking the world by storm.  Even one of our favourite sites, how stuff works, has attempted to document what makes them tick. While the name seems to have been coined a few years ago, recent and renewed interest was sparked by a presentation created and posted by New York advertising agency Sparks & Honey in June.

The challenge of connecting with multi-generational customers/clients/patients is one that many of our Mohawk grads will face.  Find out more about communicating with these various age groups from the resources featured  in the Library’s subject guide for Marketing.

Are you part of Generation Z?  Let us know if the shoe fits!

In the city: Ontario Entrepreneur Week

June 6, 2014

A dragon will be visiting Hamilton on Friday, June 13th but this is not the Game of Thrones type; as the dragon is much more formidable.  Here’s a hint: the dragon we are referring to is one of that you can find in a den on the CBC.  Arlene Dickinson, co-star on the Dragon’s Den, and ranked for seven years running by Profit magazine as one of the Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs, and considered to be one of the most powerful female business leaders in Canada, will be hosting a Breakfast Seminar as part of Ontario Entrepreneur Week.

Arlene Dickinson_book

If you are unable to attend this exciting event, you can still learn a thing or two from Arlene Dickinson.  The Mohawk College Library has a copy of her book, Persuasion: A new Approach to changing minds, available to borrow.  Through a collection of her own stories she explains how to be persuasive, both in the boardroom and in everyday life.  If you are interested in watching her in action, the library has copies of the Dragon’s Den on  DVD.

The library also has a subject guide to support this area of study.  The Small Business & Entrepreneurship guide offers a variety of resources including: books and e-books, market research, consumer research, articles, apps, websites, and entrepreneurship news.

Are you planning on attending the Breakfast Seminar Series?  If so, please be sure to tell us about your experience.

Don’t text and drive!

May 27, 2014

textanddrive2There’s nothing better than a drive on a lovely summer day.    Maybe the top is down or the sun roof open, likely the tunes are cranked and, for sure, you’re enjoying the scenery or the company of friends.

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes and, despite Ontario’s increased fines for distracted driving,  many of us find it impossible to put those mobile devices down!   Public service announcements (PSAs) are an increasingly important type of advertising (remember our Social farting post?).   This search of our Business Source Premier database  lists several articles written on the topic by industry heavyweights,  Advertising Age and Adweek.

And now for a haunting example….the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently commissioned this very disturbing but incredibly powerful PSA designed to warn us of the hazards of distracted driving.  See what Adweek has to say about it  and then … before you take your eyes off the road one more time … watch it!

Stay safe this summer!

The power of the nudge

May 8, 2014

nudge2We’re all in the business of behaviour change.   Whether your focus is a partner, employee, customer, client or patient, having some skills in your toolkit to effect change really makes life much simpler.    In the bestselling book Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness (found in the Cummings Library, of course), two university professors uncover the evidence that very small tweaks in presentation or setting or context can have a big impact on our choices and decisions.   The business community has jumped on the Nudge bandwagon, recognizing that the possibilities are endless … and lucrative!   Listen to Terry O’Reilly’s Under the Influence segment or view this video from the Rotman School of Business  to learn more about this fascinating concept.

Try “nudging” for yourself and let us know how it works for you!   Is there a cranky child or a lazy workout client or a non-compliant patient in your life?  Maybe a nudge will help!