Dialogue on death

June 11, 2014

end-of-life-careCMABenjamin Franklin famously said that, in life, “nothing is certain but death and taxes”.   With tax time well behind us for this year, the Canadian Medical Association is encouraging a national dialogue on that other  inevitability of life:  death.  Their report, End-of-life care: A national dialogue documents opinions shared,  not only by physicians,  but also by members of the community at large through a series of public town hall meetings and online chats.

Students in many of Mohawk’s Health Sciences and Human Services programs learn about end-of-life issues and how to care for and communicate with patients and families involved.   Find out more so you can participate in the dialogue.   Check out the Library’s subject guide on Palliative Care.


The power of the nudge

May 8, 2014

nudge2We’re all in the business of behaviour change.   Whether your focus is a partner, employee, customer, client or patient, having some skills in your toolkit to effect change really makes life much simpler.    In the bestselling book Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness (found in the Cummings Library, of course), two university professors uncover the evidence that very small tweaks in presentation or setting or context can have a big impact on our choices and decisions.   The business community has jumped on the Nudge bandwagon, recognizing that the possibilities are endless … and lucrative!   Listen to Terry O’Reilly’s Under the Influence segment or view this video from the Rotman School of Business  to learn more about this fascinating concept.

Try “nudging” for yourself and let us know how it works for you!   Is there a cranky child or a lazy workout client or a non-compliant patient in your life?  Maybe a nudge will help!





Squeamish about med math?

May 21, 2013

green brainAre dosage calculations making your brain hurt?  According an article published in last week’s Science, 20% of adults struggle with basic math, let alone the tougher stuff like med math!  The article, Trouble with math? maybe you should get your brain zapped?, reported on a study investigating the use of electrical currents to  improve brain activity. If electroshock, that is  electroconvulsive therapy,  isn’t something you’re quite ready to commit to then these recent additions to the Library’s collection maybe just what you need to spark your prefrontal cortex (that’s the part of the brain thought to be responsible for math) and boost your med math know how!

Our journals can go anywhere you can!

April 30, 2013

Businessman Reading Magazine on PinnacleThe nice weather is here at last! Why not take a break and enjoy a little sunshine while catching-up on the lastest in your field? That’s right, you can now borrow the library’s print journals.

Here’s a short list of issues just in at the IAHS Library …  

Canadian Nurse,  you’ll want to read the article entitled,  Are you a role model for good health?

Registered Nurse Journal,  celebrates 10 years of nursing innovation with a spotlight on best practice organizations.

Nutrition Action Health Letter, this month’s issue theme is, Fooled by food; how to trick yourself into eating less.

Radiation Therapist, did you know this journal also has a lighter side? Flip to the back and read this month’s “Backscatter” all about archaic quackery!

Happy reading, enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget your sunscreen!

Find your just right study space at IAHS Library!

April 17, 2013

IAHS-GROUP STUDYWhen it comes to studying, we all have our own preference for that just right study spot. You know, the one where you can get into your study groove, hunker down and get the job done!

If you’re someone who likes their own quiet little study nook, our silent study area may be just the space you’re after. With more than 50 individual study carrels equipped with electrical outlets, you won’t have to worry your laptop will fizzle out before you do!   And when we say QUIET we mean it! Not even so much as a whisper is permitted in this area!

Perhaps you’re like nursing students, Victoria Lin, Tracy Rochetta and Claudia Pocop (pictured) and your choice is to study as a group? This is a popular option for many students so you and your group may want to plan ahead and  book  either a room (we’ ve got two) or a sandbox (new in the library!) What’s a sandbox? Sandboxes allow you to hook-up a laptop to one or more monitors and share what’s on your screen (pail, shovel and flip flops are optional!)   If it’s just a table you’re after, the Library has tables to accommodate small groups of 2-5 and larger groups of 6-8. Why we have …tall tables, short tables, rectangular tables even round tables!

No one said studying has to be uncomfortable! So feel free to unwind in one of our lounge chairs. The Library has a few styles to pick from.  If it’s a sunny spot you’re after (weather permitting) you’ll enjoy the large windows that surround the library with loads of natural light, also a good way to get in a little extra vitamin D!

When it comes to study space, IAHS Library has something to satisfy nearly everyone’s study preference. Why even Goldilocks could find that just right spot! Don’t forget we’re open  early weekdays and stay open until 7pm Monday to Thursday.

Good luck on your exams!  Study hard, you’re worth it!

Tough stuff made…Incredibly Easy!

October 31, 2011

Get great info on the go!!  The Incredibly Easy! series of e-books strives to live up to its name – make nursing and other health-related information easy to understand and learn – and are available online so you can read them anywhere.  Featuring many illustrations, fun characters and simple language, the e-books cover many topics including pathophysiology, health assessment, and medical-surgical nursing.  The journal Nursing made Incredibly Easy! presents challenging clinical concepts using the same light-hearted and highly illustrated format of the books.  Don’t be shy…check these out for an easily understandable explanation of hard to understand topics!