Careers in the trades: Myths and misconceptions

November 21, 2014

skilled-trades-apprenticeship-graduates-in-demandApprenticeships and skilled trades are in the news again!  Maclean’s recent Jobs report issue included an article entitled, The tricks – and the stigma – of the trades.   Often overlooked and underestimated by parents, guidance counsellors and prospective students, trades careers are an excellent choice for many, including the best and the brightest.  From great compensation (“plumber” makes yesterday’s Workopolis list of jobs that don’t require a degree … but pay really well) to challenging work to flexible schedules to no boss (!),  these are careers that merit some serious consideration … and not just by “general level” students.   Math skills are essential as well as problem solving and other academic skills, according to a recent Talent Egg post.  Interested in learning more?   Check out our Careers in skilled trades  subject guide for everything you need to know and pop into our Stoney Creek campus to see Mohawk’s skills training in action!


Movember mustache challenge

November 6, 2014


Long before the ice bucket challenge, some Australian men came up with the “mustache challenge” and it went viral as well!  To date the Movember Foundation  has raised  574 million dollars through the creative cultivation of 4 million mustaches!   That’s a whole lot of money to invest wisely; check out Movember Foundation’s report cards for details of funded research all over the world.

Awareness of prostate cancer was an early focus of the Movember movement but starting a conversation around hotshavesmen’s health issues generally is the current theme.  Guys … find out more about how to stay healthy from one of the Library’s favourite sites of high quality health info.

Students at Stoney Creek were treated to free hot shaves on Tuesday to get them started.   Let us know if you’re Movember-ing this year too.  Can you beat these mustaches? or these?  Tweet us your progress @mohawklibrary!






Did you know?

September 22, 2014

woman with laptop

Did you know there are a number of ways to contact Mohawk College Library?

Visit us during our regular operating hours. We have a library location and TECH BAR at each campus.

Give us a call:

Cummings Library 905 – 575 – 2077
Stoney Creek Library 905 – 575 – 2504
IAHS Library 905 – 540 – 4247

You can also chatemail or text us (289-277-0114) for quick questions.

We also offer a variety of self-serve options too. Start your research using your subject guide – there is one for each of the programs offered at Mohawk College.  You can also search the catalogue to find books and videos, or use a database to find online resources such as magazines, e-books, and videos.

For library news and events, follow our social media accounts; you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram

Last year we assisted with over 38,000 questions from students just like you. Our databases were used over 1,900,000 times and we had 930,504 visits.

Check us out – we are here for you!

Stoney Creek Construction…update

June 9, 2014

If you attend Stoney Creek campus I am sure you are “so over” the construction project! Be patient, it will end in approximately 68 days. Besides, you are training to be in the trades; you will be causing this kind of chaos in other people’s lives. The construction is going very well.  The demolition for the most part is done and the walls are going up.

The Library’s new Silent Study room is framed. Students have been asking for a silent study space for a long time and I am excited to tell you that come September we will have one (photo below). Silent study means just that; no talking, music or cell phones.

During construction come to C113 to study, use the computer, print or photocopy. Regular library “no food” rules don’t apply in the temporary location so feel free to bring your lunch.