Power Engineering at Mohawk College

November 17, 2014

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in keeping an industrial plant working? Complex equipment and systems are at the heart of every bustling production facility. Learn how to control and maintain these critical components in Mohawk’s Power Engineering Techniques certificate program. Power Engineering Techniques is a one year certificate course that prepares you to successfully write your Technical Standards and Safety Authority 4th Class Operating Engineering and Oil Burner Technician III examinations.

Mohawk College provides a hands on educational experience. Theory classes are mixed with lab time and a work term experience. Our new boiler lab will be ready for use in January 2015. We are all excited to provide this new real world experience to our students.

From classic titles like MacNaughton’s Elementary steam power engineering to the DVD series, Boiler operations, the Stoney Creek Library and Collaboratory has the resources to help you. Prefer online resources? We have those too. Our Power Engineering Techniques Subject Guide has a large selection of training videos, current codes & regulations, a large selection of online books and more.


Campus spotlight – IAHS

September 29, 2014

IAHS Campus is located on the grounds of McMaster University. IAHS students attend to enter or advance their careers in the field of health care.  At this campus you will find a team of dedicated faculty and staff to help navigate your college experience. After a lengthy summer renovation,  IAHS offers new spaces and upgrades to the campus which were recently highlighted in the MoCast video blog.

 iahs 2013 help you2

The library at IAHS is the place to find wonderful, enthusiastic staff to assist with research, technical support, and providing a positive atmosphere for studying. On occasion you might even find a treat at the customer service desk – lemonade on a hot summer day or some candy during exam week.

New this year we are pleased to offer a silent study room and the Library TECH BAR. The silent study room is for individual, silent study only. Please refrain from having your music too loud, talking or using your cell phone.  The Library TECH BAR is the place to go if you have technical questions. Need help printing, want to download Microsoft Office, have an issue with MOCOmotion or eLearn? Come in and talk to Samantha.

IAHS tech bar

Visit Samantha at the Library TECH BAR


The library also provides, books, videos, and journals to borrow; some can be taken home, some are used in library and others are available online. Unique items available to borrow  are blood pressure cuffs and anatomical models; these are useful for study or presentation purposes. Check out the anatomical model subject guide for descriptions and photos of this unique resource.

The library is located across from the Tim Horton’s on the first floor of the IAHS building. Drop by to say hi, ask a question or just to study.

College – the second week

September 8, 2014

Cummings Library & Collaboratory

Congratulations! You survived your first week of college. Hopefully you attended some of the campus events, met some new people, and had some fun.

The second week is when the work begins, and the library is here to help.  We have a variety of resources to help you succeed; your subject guide is a great place to start!  If you are having trouble locating library resources, ask a library staff member at the customer service desk for help.

TECH BAR staff are available to help you navigating MOCOmotion and eLearn, and can also assist you in downloading Microsoft Office or AutoCAD to your laptop.  Simply visit a TECH BAR – there is one at each library location!  You can also borrow a laptop up to 2 hours each day, for use in the library, at each of the TECH BAR locations.

Need a place to study?  We have those too. The library has quiet study and silent study space; larger groups are encouraged to book a group space online using the library booking system.  Library staff can be found roving in any of these areas to offer assistance when needed.  Studying at home and have a quick question? We can be reached by phone, chat or email.

Mohawk College Library is here to help, so drop by and say hello.


Freedom to Read

February 25, 2014


For the past 30 years, Canada’s Book and Periodical Council has sponsored the Freedom to Read Week.  This week long celebration, which just happens to coincide with the College’s Reading Week, brings to the attention of Canadians that their intellectual freedom to read what they desire is guaranteed them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

According to the Canadian Library Association’s  Intellectual Freedom Advisory Committee’s report, Intellectual Freedom Questioned: Challenges to Library Resources and Policies in Publicly Funded Canadian Libraries in 2012  (Schrader &  Bowman, 2013), publicly funded Canadian libraries  received 73 requests, citing 148 reasons, to have  material removed from libraries.

While the titles listed below are not amongst the items currently fostering dis-favor, they have all appeared on the list of challenged works.  Why not celebrate your freedom to read this reading week and check out some of these titles?

Hamilton’s Farmers’ Markets

July 5, 2013

We are finally in the height of the growing season, which means that local fruit and vegetables are available now more than ever.  As many of you may already know, you don’t have to go far to get the freshest produce – it’s practically at your door!  The City of Hamilton is surrounded by a diverse and flourishing farming community, and these farmers are more than happy to share their harvest with everyone.

The City of Hamilton boasts a variety of farmers’ markets, the largest being the Downtown Hamilton Farmers’ Market.  The downtown market offers a variety of meats and fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, baked goods, pasta, and so much more!  The market also hosts events, programs and cooking demo’s.  “Programs are facilitated by the City of Hamilton Farmers’ Market, market vendors, food experts, and a variety of community agencies and non-profit organizations.”  To find out what’s happening in the market this weekend, click here.  Tourism Hamilton has posted this list which includes information about each of the farmers’ markets in and around Hamilton, their operating days and times.

A healthy lifestyle includes eating right, exercising and striving for work-life balance.  The Mohawk College Library is the best place to start  achieving those goals!  Our Health, Wellness & Fitness subject guide has everything you need to get you on the path of health living.  The Films on Demand database also has some great videos about eating on the go, how to prepare meals in minutes, and other videos on achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Mohawk College will soon be opening the doors to the new David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre.  It will house gymnasiums, a fitness centre, an indoor track and much more. So there won’t be any more excuses for avoiding the gym.

Let us know how you stay healthy, and share what you found at your local farmers’ market – we’d love to hear what’s on your plate!

The Four Food Groups

Truth Teller

May 31, 2013


Today, the truth is easier to find than you’d ever imagined.  Advancements in technology have taken fact-finding to a whole new level.  The Washington Post has  developed a prototype, for what they are calling, the TruthTeller – a program that can check facts in real-time.  The process is not as complicated as you might think; it combines audio, video, and speech-to-text technology.  If you have a smart phone that converts your voice mail to text message, you’re already familiar with some of the technology that’s being utilized.

TruthTeller uses a database composed of up-to-date facts from various resources, and allows the user to confirm a statement that is made in real-time.  It’s no surprise that the leading daily American newspaper, that focuses on national politics, would develop a tool that could easily and readily confirm facts for news stories.  This kind of tool could especially impact the future of speech writing and political debates.  Journalists could fact check, in real-time, while at a news conference or taking comments during an interview.  The Washington Post provides some video clips that illustrate how the technology works.

For those of you that are a little more curious about how the news is delivered to the masses, check out the Journalism subject guide offered by the Mohawk College Library.  It offers more information about writing, media bias, and ethical reporting.  TruthTeller may just be what changes the way information is shared, stories develop in the newsroom, and journalists get to the bottom line.

We’d like to hear what you think!  Will TruthTeller impact journalism as we know it?

Doors are opening across the city of Hamilton

May 3, 2013

doors_openDoors are opening all over the city of Hamilton – and you’re invited!  Doors Open Ontario was the first province wide event of its kind in Canada and began in 2002.  The events run from April to October, inviting people to “discover first-hand Ontario’s hidden heritage treasures, some of which have never been open to the public.”  The website includes this calendar outlining participating cities and site locations throughout the province.  If this is your first time attending a Doors Open event, you’re in for a special treat!  You’ll want to be prepared,  so check out these Top 10 Touring Tips to help you have the best experiences all weekend long.

This weekend is Hamilton’s turn to showcase local heritage buildings and the best architectural design elements the city has to offer.  The city of Hamilton is rich with history and stories to tell.  Doors Open Hamilton is just one of the ways to discover what the city has to offer and the it’s free!  With over 50 featured sites, there is no better way to explore the city, the museums, and other heritage buildings than with a walk around your own backyard.

Learning more about the city of Hamilton is easy and the Mohawk College Library is here to help.  The library has a list of resources that can help you uncover information about our great city – you might be surprised by what you’ll find.  If you’re interested in other events around the city,  why not start with some of the most popular neighbourhoods around Hamilton: James Street North, Ottawa Street, Locke Street, and the Hamilton Downtown BIA.  For a pictorial view of Hamilton, check out either the Vintage Hamilton or Vintage Postcards of Hamilton websites.

It’s going to be a great weekend to discover something new about the city of Hamilton – what will you be exploring?

Red Carpet Ready!

September 21, 2012

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, and love the art of film making, then why not take a trip around the world, without ever leaving the city!  The Art Gallery of Hamilton is rolling out the red carpet for the AGH 2012 World Film Festival.  The Festival is an annual event hosted by the AGH that showcases the world’s best festival films. Film screenings will feature some of the world’s best-regarded recent international, independent and Canadian films.  The film festival runs from September 21st to 30th and is featured at downtown and local Hamilton theatres.  There are over twenty films included in the lineup for this year, and three other special events.  You can preview film trailers, check out the calendar of events, and purchase tickets online.

The Mohawk College Library loves films too!  You can search our catalogue for access to a variety of different videos – resources are available online or in any of our four campus locations.  The Films on Demand is an extensive database available through the Mohawk College Library and contains over 7,500 online videos.  The database covers the following subjects: Health, Business, Family & Consumer Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Technical Education.  Films on Demand resources include documentaries and films from reputable  sources such as the History Channel, PBS News Hour, ABC News, NBC News, and the BBC, to name a few.   For a playlist of videos about film and film production click here, and discover what this database has to offer.

If you are interested in additional resources, take a look at the list of exciting material available in the library.  We have resources for the new and upcoming film director and for those of you just interested in learning more about the creative process of film making.  These resources cover documentary film, digital film making, and various genres.

Mohawk College offers the Broadcasting – Television & Communications Media Advanced Diploma program through the Media and Entertainment department.  Students will learn to develop creative skills as well as discipline and professional attitudes through the production of various program formats including sports, news and public affairs, music shows, entertainment specials and award competitions.  To support the learning and development of our television students, the library has established Broadcasting: Television Subject Guide.  The guide contains lots of resources to hone their skills and encourage the development of their media and communication talents.

So why not make it dinner and a movie this weekend?  You can take in a film and support the 5th annual Downtown Hamilton LOCALICIOUS Experience.  There are twelve different restaurants participating. each showcasing unique, local cuisine.  After all, how often do you get the chance to have a cultural experience that takes you around the world in your own city?  Date-night has never been this easy!