Power Engineering at Mohawk College

November 17, 2014

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in keeping an industrial plant working? Complex equipment and systems are at the heart of every bustling production facility. Learn how to control and maintain these critical components in Mohawk’s Power Engineering Techniques certificate program. Power Engineering Techniques is a one year certificate course that prepares you to successfully write your Technical Standards and Safety Authority 4th Class Operating Engineering and Oil Burner Technician III examinations.

Mohawk College provides a hands on educational experience. Theory classes are mixed with lab time and a work term experience. Our new boiler lab will be ready for use in January 2015. We are all excited to provide this new real world experience to our students.

From classic titles like MacNaughton’s Elementary steam power engineering to the DVD series, Boiler operations, the Stoney Creek Library and Collaboratory has the resources to help you. Prefer online resources? We have those too. Our Power Engineering Techniques Subject Guide has a large selection of training videos, current codes & regulations, a large selection of online books and more.


How far is it from good to great?

November 12, 2014

goodtogreatMohawk’s new president, Ron McKerlie, is asking how we can move the College from good to great.   It’s a catch phrase proposed by management and leadership guru, Jim Collins, in his 2001 book by the same name which tracked and analyzed the traits of 11 companies over a 5 year period in a rigorous research study.

An early review published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review said: “In fact, so contrarian are its findings that some managers may be tempted to dismiss it out of hand. But that would be a mistake; the book does make the leap to greatness.”   Managers listened;  Collins’ book  has sold millions of copies and still makes the top ten on most best business reads lists.

Need to get your hands on this business bible?  You guessed it!  Mohawk College Library – Cummings branch –  has a copy!  It’s seen a fair bit of action in the last few months 🙂 and may not be available just when you’re ready to read, so join the queue.     While you’re waiting your turn, why not check out Jim’s twelve questions or Inc’s quick and dirty version of his approach?   Join in the conversation: let us know what we can do to move Mohawk from good to great!


Did you know?

September 22, 2014

woman with laptop

Did you know there are a number of ways to contact Mohawk College Library?

Visit us during our regular operating hours. We have a library location and TECH BAR at each campus.

Give us a call:

Cummings Library 905 – 575 – 2077
Stoney Creek Library 905 – 575 – 2504
IAHS Library 905 – 540 – 4247

You can also chatemail or text us (289-277-0114) for quick questions.

We also offer a variety of self-serve options too. Start your research using your subject guide – there is one for each of the programs offered at Mohawk College.  You can also search the catalogue to find books and videos, or use a database to find online resources such as magazines, e-books, and videos.

For library news and events, follow our social media accounts; you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram

Last year we assisted with over 38,000 questions from students just like you. Our databases were used over 1,900,000 times and we had 930,504 visits.

Check us out – we are here for you!

New library poll

May 5, 2014

Your opinion counts!  With so many ways to stay connected, we want to know how you access your Mohawk email.

Sustainability in Hamilton

June 21, 2013

Living Wall in The Learning Exchange

The Mohawk College community participated in the Clean Air Commute this week.  This “…friendly competition among workplaces encourages workplace commuters to choose more sustainable modes of transportation.”  At Mohawk College, it’s more than just a catch phrase; sustainability is a strategic priority.  As a college, and part of a vibrant community, we are working towards “Greening Mohawk” which means that we are striving to “…embed environmental sustainability principles into our programs and practices.”

A local pub is also encouraging sustainability and promoting the city of Hamilton.  Slainte has launched the first borrowed bike program in downtown Hamilton.  The program, called Tour the Tour, allows you to reserve and sign out a hybrid bicycle and they “…provide you with a helmet, a bike lock and map of some of the popular and up and coming areas to explore in the city.”  It a sustainable way to explore the city of Hamilton!

The Cummings Library and Col laboratory at the Fennell campus is an integral part of the Greening Mohawk initiative; the H-wing was constructed and operates as a sustainable building.  The building meets the LEED Gold standards, “…which means that materials used and systems implemented are helping to reduce the building’s environmental impact.”

But it doesn’t stop there!  The library has a Subject Guide dedicated to Environmental Sustainability.  You can learn more about environmental issues, how you can expand your sustainability efforts, and effectively reduce your carbon footprint, with great library resources to help you along the way.

Did you participate in the Clean Air Commute this week?  Let us know, we’d love to hear about your experience; or tell us about your sustainability efforts – because we know that every little bit helps.

Congratulations New Canadian Citizens!

March 20, 2013

The citizenship ceremony will be held today at the Fennell campus, in the McIntyre theatre.  This is an exciting time for those participating in the ceremony, and an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to witness the event.  The ceremony also features a guest speaker and Mohawk College Alumni, Earl Clarke.

If you are interested in learning more about Canadian citizenship, the library has these resources for you.

Congratulations to all those participating in the ceremony today!

Citizenship ceremony

Aboriginal Awareness Week

October 11, 2012

This week we are celebrating the first Aboriginal Awareness Week, hosted by the department for Aboriginal Education & Student Services and Mohawk College.  This event will give everyone in the community the chance to experience various parts of Aboriginal culture including dance, music, crafts, history, and cuisine. You can find a schedule of events here.

Learn something new in the spirit of Aboriginal Awareness Week – you never know what you may discover!  The library has a great selection of resources about this fascinating culture, its history, and its people.  Click here for a list of some of the books the library has to offer.  But why stop there!  The National Film Board (NFB) has a variety of films that highlight aboriginal life.  With nearly forty films, there is something for everyone. Films on Demand, is an online video database, and it also features videos about aboriginal issues.  Watch some of the selected videos in the playlist, or browse the database for other films about aboriginal issues.