Has Target scored?

July 30, 2013

bullseyeTarget stores have been in Canada for almost 6 months now.  Many of us know them as cross border shopping destinations.  Did you know that the company has been around for over 100 years after a modest start in downtown Minneapolis?  Learn more about the founder of Target, its history and rivalry with Walmart and K-Mart from this video in the Library’s Films on Demand collection.

There was a great deal of buzz and anticipation prior to Target’s arrival in Canada.  The company was even nominated for the Marketer of the Year award for 2012 before a single store had opened here!   It has received significant coverage in Canada’s premier business publication, Canadian Business magazine and the Globe published an article about its bulldog mascot, Bullseye.  (Maybe it was time to replace Don Cherry’s bulldog, Blue, in the hearts of Canadians!)

Now that the dust has settled, read about what the arrival of Target really means to the retail industry in Canada.   Check out the Spring 2013 issue of Canadian Retail magazine rcc_logoin the Periodicals section at Cummings Library (yes, Virginia, it’s only available in PRINT!)  In a 5 page spread, the “Voice of Retail in Canada” looks at Target’s successes and failures in Canada in the context of our rapidly changing retail landscape.

Let us know… have you shopped at Target yet?